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Principal’s Message

As the grace of the Almighty permits us to step into another year we are proud and privileged to witness history in the making – the history of a School that not only dares to dream but sees that the dream is realized.

Away from the hub and the rush of a busy metropolis the Gyan Bharti Residential Complex - Bodhgaya is nestled in a verdant valley surrounded by serene hills. The imposing School building, constructed with great consideration to both aesthetics and utility, can be compared, more than favourably, with any international standards. The Gyan Bharti Residential Complex - Bodhgaya is a school on the that aspires towards greater levels of achievement each passing day. Driven by the passion to provide sound education and the holistic development of every child, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the optimum growth of each individual. In this wonderfully gratifying journey we are thankful to all the parents for their trust and support and I know that the synergies of all the stake holders of the School are catalytic to its journey forward.

It gives me immense pleasure to see, each morning, hope and positivity light up the faces of Staff and Students as they go about building an organization that will do them proud in their lifetimes. It fills me with pride that out teaching Staff would much rather train a child to be his best than select only those with high potential. The toddlers in kindergarten and primary school, with their toys and cheerful faces, their song and rhymes never fail to elicit a smile from me. The pre-teens and the young adults too, make their own special contribution in this eclectic institution.

Change is the only constant: Nature demands it and at Gyan Bharti Residential Complex - Bodhgaya a committed set of Staff and Administrators keep up with the changing needs of young people today, to create citizens who are future- ready. We endeavour to give to our children the best of both worlds – advanced technology and progress of the west and the spirituality and traditions of the east. We want our children to grow up to be responsible, bright, happy and self-reliant human beings.

It is said, "By nature all people are alike, but by education, become different", and we celebrate the uniqueness of each child.

Serving the children of the country through value based education is serving the nation in the truest sense of the word.

Together we can and we will!

With Best Wishes,
GBRC, Bodh Gaya


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