Aff. No. : 330012    Sch. No. : 65011


To foster an educational system that is both grounded in practicality and which empowers one to lead a comfortable life yet also has the power to uplift one into an existence beyond the mere material.

And for that we provide a safe, peaceful and intellectually stimulating environment for all our students to grow and develop in. We provide ample opportunities to help children fulfill their cultural and sporting potential.

We endeavor to inculcate in all our children the rigours of self-discipline, self-reliance, ethics, tolerance and respect for people from diverse social, economic, cultural and religious backgrounds.

We encourage an enquiring mind and the eagerness to learn and know more about the world around us. We hone self-confidence, self-belief and self-acceptance.

We provide the circumstance to excel in academics to the best of one’s abilities in an environment of healthy competition.

Our emphasis is on building a world without boundaries - a world where people exist in symbiotic relation amidst amity, love and peace.

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