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We, at Gyan Bharti Residential Complex - Bodhgaya, strive towards excellence, excellence not just in academics but in every field of growth: physical, spiritual, aesthetic and cultural. We look forward to an educational system that fosters an environment where a broadness of mind and richness of soul creates young men and women who accept the differences they see in the world around them, be it physical, social or religious. We believe our children will emerge as global leaders in their respective fields –– individuals having a balanced personality and such as those that are armed with a scientific sense of enquiry, independence of thought and having the ability to make informed choices. A GBRCian would know that living in harmony with the inherited wealth of the natural environment and the collective heritage of the nation is the only way to a sustainable world. He or she would be responsible and proud citizens of tomorrow for their country. We have begun this journey with an earnest desire, a fervent prayer and a profound belief to see our vision take form.

As Terri McPherson said –
'Let our legacy be one of action, a generation of doers, who prayed deeply and in earnest for the strength, the courage, the determination and conviction, to use our God-given gifts justly.'

The CBSE community, the Students, Staff, Parents and the Governing Body work in tandem to help each other achieve higher outcomes and participate in a journey that entails achieving better standards and enhanced performances.

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